My First Impression of the Free World

633 Days Inside by Greg Lindberg


My First Impression of the Free World

y first impression of the “Free World” is that the lives of many Americans today are way too cushy and overabundant. It’s no wonder that people are not challenging the status quo—or thinking outside of the box—given how easy life has become. There is simply no reason to upset the established way of  doing things. You have thousands of options for everything you could possibly want. Life out here in the “free world” is very comfortable— all too comfortable.

I ordered a prison bunk bed from Unicor to sleep in every night. I need the constant reminder of the austerity of prison. It brings me focus.

Another interesting psychological phenomenon: When I walked out of the front gate at Maxwell it felt as if I had been in prison for just a few moments. The entire experience  was encapsulated in a separate part of space-time. It was a very strange experience. My perception of  prison was so “unentangled” from the rest of space-time that it appeared to be just a few moments.

I believe quantum tunneling is a communication method among humans that increases dramatically after 4 to 5 days of fasting. In prison on the 4th and 5th day of my fasts, people that otherwise would not have approached me would come up to me and have conversations. I believe this is because the ultra-high voltage running along my electron transport chains allows long-range quantum tunneling—instant non-local communication with other people. I believe every one of us has these “quantum powers” if we chose to exercise them. Steve Jobs’s “reality distortion field” was another example of quantum tunneling at work. There are dozens of other profound implications in Nunn’s work, but the above are some of the most powerful.