Unlock Your Inner Greatness

What is 633 Days?

633 Days may seem like a timeline. But it’s much more than that. It’s an experience and a journey toward transformation.

It’s a way of empowering people to unlock their greatness. That’s what Greg Lindberg believes as the mastermind behind this concept.

This is an idea Lindberg developed from his own experiences and self-transformation during a challenging time in his life, which he detailed in his book 633 Days Inside: Lessons on Life and Leadership. The program strives to help people achieve their ultimate success by placing a focus on wellness, longevity and leadership.

633 Days allows individuals to transform their mind and body through lifestyle changes and modifications including fasting, cold exposure, exercise, nutrition and other regimens. Lindberg wants to make the program available to others.

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“My mission in life is to help people accomplish their goals,” said Lindberg. “You can’t unlock your greatness in life if you don’t have a healthy body and mind. I’ve lived it and experienced it and have transformed because of it.”

The transformation can occur when people integrate the concept of hormesis into their lifestyle. Hormesis is a biological phenomenon where a beneficial effect results from the exposure of low dose stressors like exercise, fasting, cold or warm exposure, nutrition and other activity. Lindberg says applying hormesis into day-to-activity can help improve health and wellness, increase focus, slow aging and sharpen the mind.

“When you incorporate this process into your life, you’ll feel excited again,” said Lindberg. “Maybe you want to start a new career, study physics, play piano or learn a new sport. Your mind and body will be ready to start anew and create the opportunity for a second chance to achieve whatever you want.”

In 633 Days Inside, Lindberg also includes learning lessons and a how-to-guide about turning adversity into growth and opportunity. Through his challenges and successes, he provides recommendations on how to keep learning, stay disciplined, be a team player and stay committed to becoming successful.

Throughout the book, Lindberg relies on the power of science as a guide for transforming the body and mind. His goal is to inspire and empower people to achieve optimal success, and his program allows people to do just that.

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